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【Project「Ancient Treasure」Dev. Log. Version 0.9.3 Update】-1

January 21, 2018

• New Contents

1. Chapter 2 of story mode is available.

2. Supports English (still under testing).

• New Functions

1. “Unique Gems”: After completing specific quests, “Unique Gems”, which give the characters special abilities, can be obtained. Players can equip those Unique Gems in “Monster Gem” page.

2. Quest system: New quests are available after completing Chapter 1 of story mode.

3. Mini-map: A mini-map is shown in the dungeons. Press ”M” for keyboard users and the “Up” arrow key for joystick users to enlarge the map.

4. Icons of buffs and debuffs are shown on the battle interface.

5. Settings: Display options (Full screen or Windowed) and resolution options are added.

• Bugs Fixed

1. Sound effect errors are fixed.

2. Map object bugs are fixed.

3. Certain description texts of equipment are modified.

4. The shooting direction error of skill “Multishot” is fixed.

5. Display error of the weapon damage value in the menu is fixed.

6. Value calculation of “AP” attribute is modified.

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