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【Project「Ancient Treasure」Dev. Log. Version 0.9.2 Update】-1

December 26, 2017

 • System

1. Amount of MP consumption of skills are shown in the Skill page.

2. Certain UI texts are changed to Chinese for clarity.

3. The growth curve of HP, which is determined by “VIT” attribute, is adjusted.

4. The bug of abnormal high basic attributes of Luna is fixed. [Not that we have certain preference for this character, just an unintentional mistake.]

5. Parameters of certain equipment are adjusted:

A. “Mithril” weapons: SP increase is adjusted from 200 to 100.

B. “Mithril” armors: S increase is adjusted from 100 to 50.

C. The amount of MP consumption of attacks with staffs / wands is adjusted from 15~20 MP to 1 MP.

D. The beneficial effects of staffs / wands for SP and MP are adjusted upwards.

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