May 9, 2018

‧ Bugs Fixed:

  1. The bug that, the equipped skill “Thunder” will be removed

      after restarting the game, is fixed.

  2. The bug of incorrect automatic target lock-on for

      channeling skills(such as Beam of Ice), is fixed.

  3. The setting error of Steam Achievements is fixed.

  4. The character and skill settings for certain enemies are modified.

‧ Game experience & balance improvements:

  1. Certain UI designs and the operations are improved.

  2. The model of weapon “Damasc Maul” is replaced.

  3. Remove the unnecessary path-finding function executions to

      increase the loading speed of the game.

May 3, 2018

‧ Game experience & balance improvements
      1.For those rare Monster Gems with “Health” effect, the maximum value of
      HP regeneration is decreased from 4% to 2%.
      2.When casting a skill, the character will lock on and attack the enemy within t
      he attack range automatically.
      3.The animation of “Frozen” debuff is improved, and the effect is adjusted from
      100% frozen to 35% chance frozen, and an extra 100% slow effect is added,
      lasting 2 seconds.
      4.The Boss of Chapter 2, The Dragon, has higher diversity in attacking mode,
      which now includes a new skill: Fire Breath.

May 3, 2018

‧ Bugs Fixed
      5.The error of weapon “Demon Maul” model is fixed. 6.The category and skill
      setting errors of weapon “Crystal Staff” are fixed.
      6. The category and skill setting errors of weapon “Crystal Staff” are fixed.
      7. The incorrect description and numerical setting error of skill “Cure” are fixed.
      8.The incorrect description and casting effect error of skill “Frozen Armor” are fixed.
      9.The casting effect error of skill “Thunder” is fixed.
     10.The problem of certain sound effects being staticky are fixed.

May 3, 2018

‧ New Contents
      1. Chapter 5 of story mode is available (the end of main story).
      2. 13 new Unique Gems are added, which can be acquired in “Tower of Trials” mode.
      3. 2 new potions are added, which can be acquired in “Tower of Trials” mode and
      equipped in “Skill” menu.
‧ Bugs Fixed
      1.The direction turning error, which occurs during enemy generation, is fixed.
      2.The HP bar display error, which occurs when player or the companions die, is fixed.
      3.The bug that, the enemy mark in the mini map might remain even after the enemy dies,
       is fixed.
      4.The bug that, when a revived companion dies again, the character can not be revived
      anymore, is fixed.

April 2, 2018

‧ Bugs Fixed
      1. The error that some quests cannot be completed is fixed.
      2. The animation bugs of crossbow skills are fixed.
      3. The bug of invalid animation settings for certain magic skills is fixed.
      4. The error of the background music in Tower of Trials is fixed.
      5. The turning movement abnormality of AI companions is fixed.
      6. The viewing angle error of the view field lock-on for bosses is fixed.
‧ Game experience & balance improvements
      1.Now the Steam Achievement and the quest menu in the game will show the achieved
      level in Tower of Trials for the assigned character.
      2.The viewing angle option configurations is improved.
      3.The completion process of battles in Tower of Trials is improved.
      4.When the summoner dies, the summoned creatures will die at the same time.

April 2, 2018

‧ Bugs Fixed
      1. The display error of Chapter 4 story dialogues is fixed.
      2. The bug that characters might get stuck in certain locations in the stage is fixed.
      3. The occasional displacement error of dropped items is fixed.
      4.The setting errors for certain monsters are fixed.
      5.Steam Achievement icon and description errors are fixed.

March 27, 2018

‧ Bugs Fixed
      4. The category setting of skill “Sprint” are changed from “Bow” to “Magic.”
‧ Game experience & balance improvements
      1. The setting of viewing angle switch will be kept when proceeds to the next region or
      goes back to the village.
      2. The skill and animation variety of boss Griffin the Stormy are improved.
      3. The skill casting frequency of certain monsters are decreased.
      4.The skill set of character Euclid is adjusted, with more skills available.
      5.Certain scenes are improved.
      6.The values of certain weapons are adjusted.

March 3, 2018

‧ Bugs Fixed
      4. Battle UI is improved.
      5. The melee normal attack effect of the character under control is reinforced:
      knock-back and skill casting interruption effects are added.
      6. “Viewing angle switch” function is improved.
      7. All characters now equip their default skills at the beginning.
‧ Function under testing
      1. Steam Cloud data synchronization.

March 2, 2018

‧ New Contents
      1. Chapter 3 of story mode is available.
      2. New character added: Euclid the Arcane Master.
      3. New quest added: “Xiang’s Shop Investment Plan”.
‧ Bugs Fixed
      1. When players complete the stages and the result window pops out, if the character
      under control dies, a “failed” message shows up. This error is fixed, and a “victory”
      message shows up instead. Game experience & balance improvements1. Monster
      models are improved.
      2. Scenes of the village and forest are improved.
      3. Sound effect configurations are improved.

February 2, 2018

In the latest update, we’ve expanded the languages supported, including English and Simplified Chinese. 
And here’s the English trailer of Ancient Treasure! Let’s check this out! 

This game is still in Early Access on Steam, and we’ll keep releasing updates and improving the game experience.
Please stay tuned!

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