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May 9, 2018

‧ Bugs Fixed:

  1. The bug that, the equipped skill “Thunder” will be removed

      after restarting the game, is fixed.

  2. The bug of incorrect automatic target lock-on for

      channeling skills(such as Beam of Ice), is fixed.

  3. The set...

May 9, 2018

‧ 錯誤修正
          1. 修正技能「落雷」裝備後,重開遊戲會自動卸下的問題。

          2. 修正持續施放技能(例如「冰凍射線」)會自動鎖定目標的問題。

          3. 修正Steam成就達成條件設定錯誤的問題。

          4. 修正部分敵人與其技能的數值。

‧ 遊戲體驗與平衡性優化

          1. 優化部分介面與操作。...

May 3, 2018

‧ 錯誤修正

May 3, 2018

‧ 新增內容
          1. 新增故事模式第五章節與故事最終劇情。
          2. 新增13種特殊寶石,可以在「修煉之塔」模式獲得。
          3. 新增2種藥水,可於「修煉之塔」模式獲得,並於技能選單中裝備。
‧ 錯誤修正

May 3, 2018

‧ Game experience & balance improvements
      1.For those rare Monster Gems with “Health” effect, the maximum value of
      HP regeneration is decreased from 4% to 2%.
      2.When casting a skill, the character will lock on and attack the en...

May 3, 2018

‧ Bugs Fixed
      5.The error of weapon “Demon Maul” model is fixed. 6.The category and skill
      setting errors of weapon “Crystal Staff” are fixed.
      6. The category and skill setting errors of weapon “Crystal Staff” are fixed....

May 3, 2018

‧ New Contents
      1. Chapter 5 of story mode is available (the end of main story).
      2. 13 new Unique Gems are added, which can be acquired in “Tower of Trials” mode.
      3. 2 new potions are added, which can be acquired in “Tower of Trials...